Felicia Primarily Speaks to…

  • Corporations
  • NCAA Life Skills Programs & Leadership Summits
  • Colleges & Universities, School Districts
  • Professional Sports Leagues & State High School Associations
  • Sports Camps & Athletic Banquets
  • Civic, Community, Religious, & Non-Profit Organizations
  • Professional & Social Organizations
  • Sports Law Organizations
  • Women Studies & Sports Management Departments
  • Youth & Women Organizations & Conferences

Speaking Topics*
Please keep in mind that topics are not limited to what is listed here*

BUSINESS Seminar and Keynote Topics

“The Art of Networking” Expand Your Territory & Increase Your Visibility
“Become A World Class Organization” Set the Benchmark in Your Industry
“Deliver More Than Is Expected” Move Beyond Personal & Professional Limitations
“Develop the Untapped Potential Around You” For Managers, Supervisors, Directors & Coaches
“Drive Yourself to the Top” Chart Your Course for Success
“Don’t Put Me In A Box – I Won’t Fit” Respecting Diversity
“Leaders – Don’t Walk Alone” Discover the Secrets of Building a Winning Team
“Developing the Leader Within” Maximize your Leadership Capacity

SPORTS Seminar and Keynote Topics

“Building on a Championship Season” Team Building
“Surprise – I Can Play Sports” Title IX Women and Girls In Sports
“Set the Ground Rules for Your Team’s Success” Planning to Win, Means Preparing to Win
“Celebrating Our Success Together” Athletic Banquets
“Don’t Foul Out” Character, Ethics & Integrity
“After the Whistle Blows” Preparing for Life After Sports
“Be In the Game” Balance Your Life On & Off the Field
“Become A Shining Star During the Interview Process”

COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES Seminar and Keynote Topics

“Set Your Agenda for Success” Five Secrets for Success Revealed
“Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow” Preparation, Education, Experiences Yield Results
“If I Knew Then, What I Know Now” Business Tips and Antidotes
“Our History, Is Your History” For Black History Celebrations
“Don’t Put Me In A Box – I Won’t Fit” Dispelling Stereotypes and Exceeding Expectations

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